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First Signal – Casting

First SignalWhen Air Force Space Command receives a signal from an alien satellite in Earth orbit an emergency meeting with the President reveals a government conspiracy.


First Signal takes place in 2014 during the G-7 Summit in Brussels, Belgium. The majority of the story takes place in a windowless bunker-like conference room with additional locations being a modern office (NATO) and an expansive field.

PRESIDENT HELEN COLTON (Caucasian, Female, 50-70, Lead): The President of the United States balances the security of a planet against a government conspiracy and the revelation that mankind is not alone. This role is already cast.

GENERAL JOHN REAGER (Caucasian, Male, 55-65, Lead): The Commander of Air Force Space Command reveals an alien satellite in orbit and is determined to protect Earth at all costs.

CEDRIC YONAH* (Caucasian, Male, 30-40, Lead): The mysterious science attaché to the President attempts to find balance between a civilian government and a worldwide military complex.

MAJOR ELLEN SAMPSON (Caucasian, Female, 30-40, Lead): General Reager’s right hand questions his command and soon finds herself making a near impossible decision. This role is already cast.

ELISABETH SEWARD (All Ethnicities, Female, 30-40): The National Security Advisor to the President attempts to bridge the realities of a new world order against an out of control military machine.

SENATOR PAUL HADRIAN (All Ethnicities, Male, 55-65): To protect Earth from the unknown, the Chairman of the Senate Committee of Armed Services authorizes a worldwide surveillance program the world has never seen before.

PRIME MINISTER ALLISON COLBY (Caucasian, Female, British Accent, 50-70): To thwart Senator Hadrian’s efforts, the UK leader reluctantly joins forces with her counterparts even if it means war. This role is already cast.

PRESIDENT SERGEI TUPOLEV (Caucasian, Male, Russian Accent, 50-70): Remembering the bloodshed his own country has faced, the Russian leader understands the practicality of sacrificing some for the greater good.

JAMES GRIFFIN (All Ethnicities, Male 30-40): A former engineer with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and expert on NASA’s Deep Space Network, he brings a scientific center to the discussion before revealing another purpose.

Please note the following submission instructions:

Headshot – with a file name as your FirstNameLastName-headshot. Example: JohnSmith-headshot

Resume (Word or PDF only) – with a file name as FirstNameLastName-resume. Example: JohnSmith-resume

Reel – link to reel on Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Please email your submission to Mark Lund at In the email subject line please indicate as follows: Character – Your Name. By example: Senator Hadrian – John Smith

*Those actors submitting for the part of CEDRIC YONAH please note that we are looking for a very modern look. This means strong bone structure, a short haircut and no facial hair. The look and outfitting (Nehru suit) will be akin to Commander Straker in the British TV series UFO. Please see the pictures below as examples.