Marketing planet Earth one project at a time.

CHARACTERS – feature film

The Miller Family. (l-r) Maria, Joseph, Henri, Margaret, Gary and Nancy Miller at their residence.


HENRI MILLER –  A businessman and restaurant owner who must defend himself in court against his own memory.

MARGARET  MILLER – An international journalist and Henri’s wife who uses her investigative skills to get what she wants.

JOHN DARROW – Henri’s defense lawyer who must use compassion and common sense to defend his client against a new medical device. 

DISTRICT ATTORNEY CONSTANCE SMITH – Is convinced that Henri Miller is guilty of the crimes committed as the evidence is his own memory. 

Henri Miller has the FVMRI process.


MARIA MILLER – Henri’s mother who despite her spirited optimism holds a dark family secret from her son. 

JOSEPH MILLER –  Henri’s minister father.  His faith is tested to the extreme by a history long thought forgotten. 

DR. EVE PULLMAN  – Henri’s neurologist and the scientist who invented the MRI mind reading technology and the courtroom challenges it faces. 

GARY MILLER – Henri’s son who is caught up in the whirlwind of the trial of the century.  

NANCY MILLER – Henri’s daughter who does what she can to stand by her father. 

JUDGE WAGNER –  The judge overseeing the trial of the century must balance new science and the application of law for both the state and its citizens. 

BRIAN KOVSKI –  The devoted, albeit misguided, manager of one of Henri’s restaurants whose testimony tips the scales against Henri. 

POLICE DETECTIVE – Arrests Henri and offers court testimony.

The primary memory evidence. Henri Miller shoots and kills two people.


THE CONTRACTORS (2) – These are the two contractors that worked for Henri Miller and have allegedly been shot by him.

HELEN GRANGER –  Henri’s kindergarten teacher. She’s held a secret about Henri for over 40 years. 

DINER OWNER – A friend of Henri. 

GEORGE KATZ – A businessman and witness for the state. 

INVESTIGATOR for the DEFENSE TEAM – Learns the secret of the FVMRI procedure.

Henri Miller arrested for a double murder he doesn’t remember committing.


BAILIFF – The court bailiff.

JURY FOREMAN –  Reads the verdict. 

COURT CLERK – Names the charges against Henri. 

DOCTOR – Treats Henri in the emergency room. 

FVMRI TECHNICIANS – Operates the FVMRI machine. 

SECRETARY  – Dr. Pullman’s secretary. 

HOSPITAL OFFICIAL – An executive. 

NURSE – At the hospital.

HOSTESS – At one of Henri’s restaurants. 

WAITRESS – At the diner in town.

POLICE DETECTIVE TWO –  Serves the subpoenas. 

HORSE TRAINER –  Nancy Miller’s horse trainer. 

VALET –  At one of the restaurants.

REPORTER – Who tells the world about the trial of the century.

The trial of the century soon begins. The man versus his mind.


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