Marketing planet Earth one project at a time.

Another World

When 50 new alien planets are announced in one day, it’s OK to stop everything and blog about it. It’s moments like these in the cosmic scheme of things that can make our day-to-day matters seem trivial, but we know they aren’t. One of my favorite quotes from Space: 1999 bears repeating “There is some frame of order.” What that order truly is none of us really know. Maybe “something” knows on the newly discovered super-Earth HD 85512b that orbits the Sun-like star HD 85512 in the constellation Vela? At 35 million light years away it’s in our cosmic neighborhood.

Hundreds of years ago Europeans looked over the Atlantic Ocean and wondered what existed beyond its own shores. Today it was the European Southern Observatory that looked into the vastness of space and discovered these new lands of tomorrow.

Imagine the day when man lands not just on the shores of a distant continent but on a world not of his birth.




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