Marketing planet Earth one project at a time.


“This short film really would make a terrific full-length movie. The plot idea is brilliant and original and would make a darn fine film.”

 “First World, is a breath of fresh air, especially when most movies these days reveal the beginning, middle and end, all in their trailer.”

“…it received by far the most positive response of all the indie work at the convention.”


It is the year 2020 and the Chinese government has announced its first manned mission to the Moon in twenty four hours—four years ahead of schedule. Within moments of this news, a secretly built second generation space shuttle launches from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio enroute to Cape Canaveral in Florida initiating the unraveling of a worldwide cover-up that began when Apollo 11 discovered a domed installation on the Moon in 1969.

On the occurrence of these events, Cedric Yonah, the 35- year-old leader of the mysterious Synedrion Council, calls a meeting to ascertain the motives of the Chinese and Americans. With an imperative to gain intelligence, he sends two of his people to Cape Canaveral for an inspection of the S.S. Constitution space shuttle and orders the rest to meet with various government officials, while privately warning his close friend Elisabeth Seward, “this can’t be another Apollo.” As Cedric prepares to exit the Synedrion Council chambers, a voice instructs him to inform leaders of faith that he is “the common maternal ancestor.”

With this carefully orchestrated cover-up unraveling at lightning speed, Prime Minister Allison Colby issues the code word Argonaut 2 for “imminent threat” to planetary security. Established by President Richard Nixon at the end of manned missions to the Moon in 1972, the code immediately orders the heads of state of Russia, the United States and Great Britain to meet in secret.

As United States President Robert Anderson is enroute to Great Britain for his first briefing on the original classified mission of the Apollo space program, covert military forces led by General Reager of Space Command begin implementing orders that have been in place for the last forty five years – to stop any future manned missions to the Moon.

Returning from Great Britain, President Anderson realizes these covert operatives lie primarily in his own government; operatives that will launch a world war to protect Earth from the inhabitants of a distant world that have infiltrated our way of life.

When Cedric learns that the people he sent to Cape Canaveral have disappeared and an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council reveals that every military organization in the world has been compromised, he places the order for Exodus.

As government and business leaders begin to disappear off the planet, leaders of faith gather at the Vatican to assess the impact Apollo will have on six billion people, while President Anderson risks a confrontation in his own military by ordering the shuttle grounded and the arrest of as many insurgents as possible.

It is through the eyes of Elisabeth Seward, the Secretary of State, that we gain insight into the coming of a new world order. With her origins dating back to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and Cedric representing the genetic line of apostolic succession, the distant past will soon collide with the present as leaders of faith, governments and militaries race to reveal that mankind has never been alone.




In addition to the official trailer at this link, enthusiastic sci-fi fans made a fan trailer of First World a couple of years ago. The action and dialogue are from the feature film script and use well known sci-fi/action films interlaced with the original short film for a very engaging presentation of the project. To watch the fan trailer click this link.

Project Status

First World is a 125 page science fiction action adventure screenplay that is available as an independent production through Mark Lund (

As an independent production, First World was produced as a short film in 2007 to generate interest in the project If produced in Massachusetts, the production would qualify under the Massachusetts Tax Incentive of 25% payroll and production credits.

First World © Mark Ashton Lund #TXul-345-31


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