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SOS United States

A visit by the Prime Minister turns into a political crisis when the President learns that a nuclear bomb is on an ocean liner heading to Boston.

SOS United States - UK Poster


For the first time in decades the United States and United Kingdom are not involved in any military conflicts. Since a chemical accident in Syria resulted in the deaths of hundreds of United States soldiers, President James Porter, in concert with Prime Minister Madeline Astor, have adopted a steadfast isolationist position – a position that has increased tension within their governments to such a degree that a shadow government has emerged whose purpose is to create a military conflict between the two allies.

article-0-19B556BF00000578-309_634x499During a post-election tour in New England, the President learns that a code black plan “Declaration” to combine the militaries of the United States and United Kingdom is starting to leak through his own military. With the Prime Minister enroute to the United States to leave with the President for Australia to present Declaration, the President receives intelligence that a nuclear bomb may be on the ocean liner SS Leviathan heading to Boston from the United Kingdom. Deceiving the media and the public, the President and Prime Minister leave for a bunker in New York State on a private plane while Air Force One takes off for Australia.

Once at the bunker, an undercurrent of political and personal tensions between the President and Prime Minister rises to the surface as both face a possible nuclear event in the United States. Now confronted with intelligence from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of a terrorist attack in the United States if the President uses his own military to intercept the SS Leviathan, reality sets in that continued downsizing in military spending has left his country vulnerable to attack. The President soon learns that the only asset in the region is the HMS Queen Elisabeth aircraft carrier, an asset that the Prime Minister repeatedly resists using to its maximum capacity. After heated discussions between the President and Prime Minister, they finally agree on a plan to stop the SS Leviathan, a plan that goes horribly wrong. Despite the threat, and desperate to save the situation, the President secretly orders the launch of a B-2 stealth bomber while the Prime Minister finally orders in the HMS Queen Elisabeth. But just as plans to secure the crisis come to pass, an earlier threat becomes real when a Cyber Pearl Harbor blinds all United States military satellites and disables the country’s power grid.

The gravity of the crisis becomes clear when moments before the attack the director of the National Security Agency learns of a plot by China to seize the HMS Queen Elisabeth with formerUKQE-0 United States military that are on board the SS Leviathan. Now faced with this critical news, and behind the back of the Prime Minister, the President orders the Joint Chiefs of Staff to join forces with two of America’s staunchest enemies – North Korea and Cuba. As more intelligence comes online, the director of the NSA works with Israeli intelligence to secure satellite access to shed light on events in the Atlantic Ocean – events that he must shield from what he thought were trusted military officers.

Through the internal conflict of two of the world’s closest allies, it is the investigative prowess of a reporter that brings her to the President’s bunker in New York State and sheds new light on a shadow government whose sole purpose is to wrest control from elected officials for military commercial gain.

With United States military satellites still blinded and the nation’s power grid offline, a North Korean submarine torpedoes the HMS Queen Elisabeth while a Russian Luna missile takes off from Cuba and destroys a communications complex in Kansas that caused the Cyber Pearl Harbor—a complex owned by the President’s largest campaign contributor whose company is controlled by a Chinese defense contractor, a contractor, which through a maze of world land ownership, owns the very land the President’s bunker is on.

After signing Declaration at The White House, the President and Prime Minister watch through a satellite feed at the NSA of the shadow government convening in a warehouse just outside Geneva, Switzerland. With not a care about neutrality and a turnabout on isolationism, a drone delivers a bomb that takes out representatives of both governments on the eve of military unification.


Project Status

SOS United States is a 120 page political thriller screenplay that is available as an independent production through Mark Lund (

If produced in Massachusetts, the production would qualify under the Massachusetts Tax Incentive of 25% payroll and production credits.

Concept poster designed by Daniel Elek-Diamanta.

SOS United States WGA-East Reg. Number I266295 © Mark A Lund #PAu3-731-405

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