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In Mind We Trust

Stolen mind reading technology from the trial of the century reveals a worldwide surveillance program and solves one of the greatest mysteries of World War II.




In the sequel to Justice Is Mind, acclaimed journalist Margaret Miller now finds herself in the crosshairs of the United States government. Desperate to save her husband Henri when he faced his own memory at trial, Margaret engaged a private investigator to steal a copy of Reincar Scientific’s FVMRI mind reading technology from its inventor Dr. Eve Pullman. Little did Margaret know that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) planned to assassinate Dr. Pullman.

Hoping that the technology will somehow cure Henri’s seemingly unbelievable reincarnation as his grandfather Wilhelm Miller, Margaret suddenly finds an unwitting ally in Judge Wagner who presided over Henri’s trial when her inadvertent public statements about mind reading prompt congressional hearings and her appointment to the mysterious FISA Court.

As “McCarthy era” congressional hearings get underway in Washington, D.C., operatives at a CIA Black Site set their sights on Margaret and all those who have knowledge and whereabouts of this stolen technology. With the CIA determined to keep the technology from Russia, a new Cold War soon envelopes enemy and ally over two continents.  Now pitted against a hostile congress for supporting Russia in her latest book, and learning that her daughter Nancy has been kidnapped, a desperate and trapped Margaret sides with her Russian colleagues.

When the Attorney General’s office learns that mind reading is being used illegally in counterterrorism activities, Wagner signs a surveillance warrant authorizing the National Security Agency (NSA) to search for all information related to Reincar Scientific and the FVMRI technology.  Soon thereafter, Wagner learns that Margaret’s investigator has been killed.

Just as Henri’s FVMRI procedure begins, Margaret hears the voice of Dr. Pullman who was rescued by Russian intelligence just prior to the CIA’s assassination attempt and is overseeing the process from Moscow.  Henri’s memory soon crosses science with mysticism in its revelation of a dark NAZI past of lost artwork and family that soon finds Margaret three thousand miles away in Germany searching for the answers she so desperately seeks.

Answers soon come to Wagner as the NSA confirms the existence of Project Gateway, a worldwide surveillance program operated by the CIA that utilizes portable FVMRI devices at airports around the world.  But the answers come too late to the person that appointed Wagner to the FISA Court  – the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who will soon hear arguments for a landmark mind reading case.

As two countries search for Nancy against the future of the CIA and a government conspiracy, Dr. Pullman assumes the presidency of Reincar Scientific while a hopeful Margaret returns from Germany with the most unlikely of answers in a forgotten relative.

With the Supreme Court weighing the right of privacy against national security, Henri’s last bastion of privacy – his mind – finally answers for the crimes of today, yesterday and beyond.




Project Status

In Mind We Trust is a 152 page political drama and psychological thriller screenplay written by Mark Lund. It is a continuation of the characters and events in the feature film Justice Is Mind that was released in 2013 to critical acclaim.  The sequel is designed as both a movie or as the basis for a TV pilot. To learn more about Justice Is Mind please visit

If produced in Massachusetts, the production would qualify under the Massachusetts Tax Incentive of 25% payroll and production credits.

Mark Lund can be reached via email at

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