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First World

An original science fiction epic.

It’s 2018 and China has just announced to the United Nations its first manned mission to the Moon – four years ahead of schedule – which sets forth the unraveling of a worldwide cover-up that began when Apollo 11 discovered a domed installation on the Moon and with it the origins of mankind.

Originally written as a screenplay by Mark Lund in 2006 and made into a short film in 2007, First World has been well received at film festivals and science fiction conventions in several countries. These efforts resulted in a distribution deal with IndieFlix and broadcast on the world’s leading online video service platform Hulu.

Film Festivals

  • Nominated Best Screenplay, California Independent Film Festival, 2007
  • Top Ten, Science Fiction, The Movie Deal, 2008
  • Top Ten, Fantastic Planet Film Festival, 2009



Lund has written First World as a trilogy. With Revelation and Exodus completed as screenplays and Genesis at the treatment stage, Lund has commenced turning the story into a series of ebook novellas. First World: Covenant is the first book of the series and a prequel to the events in Revelation. On the following two pages you will learn more about First World and related opportunities to interested producers and investors.

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