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The Verdict

Justice Is Mind a year in review.

Justice Is Mind. A year in review.

Justice Is Mind. For 2013 – The 8th Highest Rated Independent Film on IMDB. The 42nd Top Grossing Independent Film on IMDB. The 48th Most Popular Independent Film on IMDB. Eight theatrical with two each science fiction and law school screenings, along with over ten feature articles. The verdict is in. In a sea of hundreds, if not thousands of films released in 2013, Justice Is Mind has sailed proudly on its own.

The world premiere of Justice Is Mind on August 18, 2013  - Albany, NY

The World Premiere of Justice Is Mind on August 18, 2013 – Albany, New York.

My end of year post in 2012 was titled Hold the Dream and was a reflection on the journey of the “Justice Is Mind” project. At the time I wrote, “…it’s about that group of people you associate yourself with that will not only bring your dreams to life but theirs as well—mutual passion.” Indeed the mutual passion of so many reflected our end of year results.

The Maine Premiere.

The Maine Premiere. Ogunquit, Maine.

Where does one even begin to start thanking all those that have made this possible? From the theatres that agreed to screen Justice, to the journalists that wrote great articles, to the audiences that came out, to the industry platforms that recognized our film as a true independent and treated it as such.

The Massachusetts premiere with Mary Wexler and Mark Lund.

The Massachusetts Premiere. Clinton, Massachusetts.

But there are those in the Justice family that need to be recognized for without their tireless efforts we would not be ending this year on the great note we have. First and foremost to my executive producers Mary Wenninger and Stefan Knieling. They continued to be there as my friends and financiers of this project. To Vernon Aldershoff, Mary Wexler, Kim Gordon, Paul Lussier, Gail Sullivan, Ken Holmes, Sheila Mandeville and Michele Mortensen. Not just great actors in Justice, but passionate promoters in their own right. And to Arnold Peter, my longtime entertainment attorney and friend who spearheaded and sponsored our west coast premiere and law school tour. Of course, it goes without saying, but it needs to be mentioned again, the crew that built Justice Is Mind. Our editor Jared Skolnick; director of photography, Jeremy Blaiklock; composer Daniel Elek-Diamanta; sound mixer, Timothy McHugh and special effects guru Adam Starr. Of course, a special thank you to Kim Merriam. Every time Justice screens I see her house and reflect on a friendship that has gone back over twenty years. What can I say except this has been an incredible journey for me on so many levels.

The Vermont premiere with Ken Holmes.

The Vermont Premiere. Poultney, Vermont.

There were several times throughout the year when I was told that it takes a village to produce a feature film. In the case of Justice Is Mind, the initial “company” of 200 plus has surely grown to a “brigade”.

At Laemmle Music Hall - Beverly Hills, California.

At Laemmle Music Hall – Beverly Hills, California.

I liken the operation of a film to that of an ocean liner. Unlike a cruise ship that sails in generally calm waters, an ocean liner must navigate all kinds of weather. The same is true in the operation of a feature film. While we have had a positive outcome for 2013 and it has been mostly smooth sailing, there has been the occasion when I’ve had to call “general quarters”. But as the cast, crew and “passengers” of Justice know, this captain doesn’t let anything get in his way.

NH Premiere: Lynda Aramento, Mary Wexler, Paul Lussier, Mark Lund, Vernon Aldershoff and Michele Mortensen.

The New Hampshire Premiere. Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Full ahead to 2014.

Cape Cinema   Schedule

State Visit

The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY

The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.

Today’s post will not be about anything marketing related in the world of independent film or the path to get there. This post may also be shorter than usual, but suffice to say I have something pretty important to announce:


On August 18, 2013, Justice Is Mind will have its world premiere at the beautiful Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.  Ever a producer and director I traveled to Albany yesterday and met with representatives of the building along with Vernon Aldershoff (who plays Henri Miller in Justice Is Mind) for a site visit. The theatre is more beautiful than I could have ever expected. Trust me, the pictures don’t do the venue “justice”.

They don't build them like this anymore.

They don’t build them like this anymore.

With Justice Is Mind at the tail end of post-production, we also cut a “work in progress” of the film to submit to film festivals that have deadlines next week. As you can well imagine, this has been a very busy week for the post-production team. For sure, there will be a special round of applause for them at the premiere!

So today I leave you with some wonderful photos of the Palace along with some additional details.  As Justice Is Mind is part of the Capital District Film Festival our film is the last to screen and caps off the entire event known as Inspiration Week. Tickets are $18 for the day. The Justice Is Mind event starts at 5:30.  But here’s another inside for you, our editor Jared Skolnick is also an accomplished filmmaker. His short horror film The Earth Rejects Him screens at 12 Noon.

Again, being a director, I suggest the following schedule for August 18. For those driving, arrive in Albany around 11 AM. Find a place to park (garages available) and then see The Earth Rejects Him from 12-1. Have a nice relaxing lunch (plenty of places to walk to) and then see the world premiere of Justice Is Mind starting at 5:30.

The action is about to begin.

On August, 2013 the world premiere of Justice Is Mind!

On August, 2013 the world premiere of Justice Is Mind will be seen on this stage.