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The Justice Bundle

On Thursday Justice Is Mind arrived on BitTorrent Bundle! I largely learned about BitTorrent through the media around the film Hits and the journey that project took to reach that platform.  Of sheer coincidence, Justice Is Mind and Hits share an actor by the name of Ken Holmes. Ken played Christopher Thomas in Justice Is Mind and is just amazing at promotion on social media. He does a masterful job of not only promoting himself but the films he’s involved in. Actors take note this is what a director looks for – a talented actor who also understands the world of social media.

On BitTorrent Bundle not only is the feature film available to both stream and download, but our bundle includes the trailer, short film, screenplay, press kit, interviews, Q&A and select stills. In essence, for $4.99 you have the whole Justice Is Mind experience from script to screen and beyond. I have to say working with BitTorrent has been great. Their customer service and attention to detail is first rate.

Ken Holmes (l) on the set of Justice Is Mind.

Ken Holmes (l) on the set of Justice Is Mind in 2012.

What I mentioned in my press release is that when I wrote the screenplay and business plan for Justice Is Mind these platforms didn’t even exist. Now, they command users in the millions. I revisited my business plan for First World and SOS United States this week as well. While First World did discuss VOD, it still incorporated DVD estimates. Let’s just say DVD has now been discarded as a revenue stream you can count on never mind estimate. As I just wrote SOS United States several months ago, largely and thankfully, not much had to be updated on that front.  With some investor and production meetings coming up in April, I know I’m going to need updated versions of these plans. As I near the end of the business plan for In Mind We Trust, the one area of revenue that’s critical for distribution is theatrical as it develops media and creates the audience that drives initial VOD traffic.

This past week a good friend of mine mentioned that he wants to turn one of his books into a screenplay. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the words you have written come to life. I remember to this day being on the set of First World watching the actors breathe life into characters that only existed on paper. To see it accomplished in a feature film like Justice Is Mind is a whole other milestone. In addition to sending him the script to Justice Is Mind, I also sent him this wonderful article by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman the Editor of Script magazine. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeanne at the premiere of Justice Is Mind’s trailer at an Upstate Independent event in 2013.

Watching First World come to life in 2006. At the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston.

Watching First World come to life in 2006. At the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston.

Her article is a must read for anyone involved in the industry but specifically those that are involved in the world of screenwriting. There are so many wonderful takeaways and quotable lines. From “When a great script is sitting in front of an executive, they don’t give a shit how much or how little money you spent learning how to write it. They only care that they are going to make money on your words.” To “There are indeed charlatans in this business, as there are in any business. Do your research.”

My advice is pretty simple for anyone that wants to get involved in the world of screenwriting. Remember, your writing is different than my writing.  Watch films that you enjoy that have done well in the market and then hunt down their screenplays. Watch the film again and then read the screenplay. You’ll see how things are done in print and how they translate to the silver screen.

But do ask yourself the following before opening your wallet, “By paying this fee am I helping my career or theirs?” Remember it’s your career first.


The business plan for In Mind We Trust is nearly complete.

The business plan for In Mind We Trust is nearly complete.

Justice Is Complete

Justice Is Mind director Mark Lund watching a test at Video Express in Boston.

Justice Is Mind director Mark Lund watching a test at Video Express in Boston.

In the entire history of this production, this past week had to be the most anxious and exciting at the same time. I am a person who is organized by lists in various stages of priority. At the top of the list was one line marked on either side by asterisk **FILE & DVD**. Translation—Justice Is Mind was being exported this week to produce our exhibition DVDs. Not only for our world premiere on August 18 but for key presentations to studios and distributors.

Throughout the final weeks of post-production, I have learned things like “phasing” “time code” and “frame rate”. I promise you, I will be working some of this new found technical knowledge into my next screenplay. There were more than a few moments when I simply wanted to say, “Mr. Scott, we need warp drive as soon as possible.”  But like that scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the last thing we wanted at this stage was to leave at the speed of light only to encounter a wormhole.

Vernon Aldershoff as Henri Miller in the opening scene.

Vernon Aldershoff as Henri Miller in the opening scene.

And so it was early Thursday morning that the final export of Justice Is Mind came through for me to review.  Seriously, anxious doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. This was my final review before exporting the film to DVD.  I started to watch Justice at about 5 AM and after seeing the brilliant color correction that was now in place (and this was a lo-res version) the film simply took on a feeling of completion. I sent a text to our editor “everything looked great!”

Anticipating that everything was fine, our editor arrived in Boston at the production company that was going to produce the exhibition DVDs.  His texts started to come through “waiting for the whole file to transfer” and then “we’re good on the transfer”. By noon I received the email from the production company, “The test DVD is all set.” And this was it, the moment we have all been waiting for. I was going into Boston to review the first 10 min of Justice on DVD.

The exhibition DVDs of Justice Is Mind.

The exhibition DVDs of Justice Is Mind.

As I drove into Boston, naturally, I couldn’t help but reflect on the last few years.  All the work, the worry, the meetings, the presentations—but this is what we have all been striving for. I parked the car at Copley (forget trying to find on street parking in Boston!) and before I knew it I was sitting in a small conference room at Video Express on Newbury Street. When our production contact hit play on the DVD and I saw the resolution of the film come to life “on screen” I was simply stunned. Yes, like a kid in a candy store taking as many samples as possible, I began to snap pictures of the wall monitor. And so approving the file I drove home only to return the next day in a torrential downpour (and a couple of hydroplane moments) to pick up the completed film.  A little New England weather wasn’t going to stop me!

And so today, I cross off various lines on my priority list. Until the next iteration of file transfer to our distributors, Justice Is Mind is complete.

While I plan to say some opening remarks next Sunday at our world premiere, I will also thank our post production team here. First and foremost our editor Jared Skolnick for a masterful job of bringing Justice to life in the “editing room” and the countless tasks and responsibilities that went with that. Jeremy Blaiklock our director of photography and for his brilliant color correction.  Adam Starr our special effects supervisor for his unique VFX creations. Daniel Elek-Diamanta for an original score that’s on par with the great film composers.  Last, but most certainly not least, Timothy McHugh and his team at Visionary Sound for a sound mix that adds that final bit of quality so necessary in film.

T-minus 7 days.

The world premiere of Justice Is Mind - Sunday, August 18, 2013 at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.

The world premiere of Justice Is Mind – Sunday, August 18, 2013 at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY.