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The Tour Continues

Paul Noonan (General Reager), Patience McStravick (Major Sampson) and Mark Lund (Writer/Director) at the New Hampshire premiere of First Signal.

Two days after the world premiere of First Signal, Daniel Groom and I taped interviews with some of the staring actors for up the upcoming VOD release. These videos will be published in increments as a series over a twelve-week period.

I have always enjoyed the interview process and talking about a variety of subjects. For me I don’t force ideas or new ventures, they just seem to present themselves. When I started a figure skating magazine back in the early 90s, it was because I wanted something to read about the news of the sport. Justice Is Mind came to being after writing the sequel to First World and seeing a show about mind-reading on 60 Minutes. First Signal was born out of sitting in a bunker-like room at the Naval Justice School and revisiting my notes from First World. Stay tuned for our first episode and announcement.

A few days prior to our world premiere, I pitched another theater about screening First Signal. As the details weren’t finalized at the time, I didn’t talk about it. But just days after the actor interviews, the New Hampshire premiere of First Signal at Smitty’s Cinema was confirmed.  This past Thursday, Patience McStravick (Major Ellen Sampson), Paul Noonan (General John Reager) and I found ourselves in Tilton, NH at another premiere!

Smitty’s Cinema is a four-location chain based in New Hampshire. What’s great about these local theaters is their enthusiasm. From the moment the deal was confirmed, they went to work on marketing the premiere.  Combing their efforts with ours, resulted in a successful screening. To support our efforts, The Concord Monitor ran a great story with The Laconia Daily News picking up our press release.  

As I noted with our world premiere at Greenfield Garden Cinemas a few weeks earlier, I witnessed with Smitty’s Cinema—local communities supporting theater and independent films. The shared experience learning about a new film in the paper, to seeing the film in a theater to talking about the film after screening, theaters bring communities together.

Today, I am putting the final touches on a private screening for First Signal. Tomorrow will be a celebration of cast, crew and our guests before First Signal is released to the world.  In some ways it feels like this journey is coming to end, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is nothing really ends in this industry, it’s always about new beginnings.

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  1. Hi Mark:

    Congrats on the roll out of First Signal. I notice you’re focusing on independent local movie houses, so I have a venue suggestion.

    Have you approached Images Cinema in Williamstown, MA? It’s a hundred-year-old Williamstown institution with strong support from both the Williams College community as well as Berkshire Arts community. In other words, it serves a sophisticated, film-loving audience in northern Berkshire County.

    I don’t have a strong contact in the theatre management, but they do premiere & run many smaller independent film projects like First Signal. I think they’d be interested in premiering your film. I’m including a Images Cinema link below.

    Images Cinema in Williamstown, MA – Cinema Treasures
    Images Cinema in Williamstown, MA – Cinema Treasures
    rsalters (Ron Salters) on January 30, 2007 at 4:24 pm Sorry- I meant 6 or 7 letters. Is there a historical society in the area, or a library with 1941 newspapers on file? The question is When was the name “Walden” dropped and what replaced it, if anything, prior to the names “College” and “Nickleodeon” ?

    If you set up a First Signal showing please let me know. After years of reading your newsletter, I’d love to meet you and see your work.

    Leslie Davis
    (413) 749-7227


    April 24, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    • Hi Leslie. Thank you very much for your kind words of support. Thank you for the theater recommendation. I’ll get in contact with them this week and will keep you posted. Thanks again!

      April 25, 2021 at 12:44 pm

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